6 Sep 2013


Hi all.
As you may have noticed, this blog had been pretty inactive....okay, it's very inactive. Mostly because I moved to tumblr and have been stuck there for a good while.
The new blog is opentheflame.tumblr.com
Posts will still be pretty spontaneous: but with juggling college, work and a social life, that's a given.
A lot has changed over the past two years: I've gotten older and a bit wiser, but Loki has been lurking in the back ground, waiting for the right moment to pounce on me once he felt I had matured enough for the next step....which is now, apparently....
Anyways, please check on the new blog for newer posts.

9 Jul 2012

Wotan and The Hunt

Last night's meditation found me on the outskirts of a forest with Mar circling around me.
We could hear music just over the hill and we could see a party happening around a bonfire when we peered over the mound.

Mimir's Well

Two nights ago I started up with meditating again to see who I'd meet and to get back into the habit of doing it nightly, as I find it easier to see/hear/talk to Loki and the others that way.

Guess who's back....

Sorry for the absence; exams, college, work and general stress made me take a break from posting up here for a while.

Loki, Sigyn, Odin and the rest of them have been incredibly patient while I've been sorting my shit out, and even though I had tons of things to worry about, my thoughts weren't far from them.

But all that's over with for the mean time - I got an A for my HNC and have been accepted into next years HND course, I've had my jaw operation (which went better than the doctors had expected) and was out within two days of the surgery.

So this is me getting back, again, into the groove of things and apologizing to them for the lack of attention.

I'll post up the talks I've had with them in a bit, but that's me back anyways. Sorry for the wait.

7 Jan 2012

Gerda or Mengloth?

Last night I had been researching for my up coming surgery this year; I've got a slight overbite and my orthodontist wants me to get corrective surgery.
After about an hour online, I was pretty much stressing myself out; I'd see YouTube videos of before and the weeks following the procedure, a blog detailing what would happen, how they would crack my jaw and add plates.
Overall, I'm worried about the outcome after months of swelling and pain; would it be worth it or will there be barely any difference?

Later, when I was in bed, Loki told me "If you're really that worried, go and talk to someone."
He didn't mean "Go and wake up your Mum and have a chat" or "Ask your dentist", he meant "I know some people, but you're going to have to "travel" and find them yourself." Cheers for that, mate.

I laid back and tried to see if I could find them.

All the awards!

Elizabeth's written a (quite frankly brilliant) new post: 'She's Having A Go At Other Lokeans Again'

In a nutshell, what's been going around is this 'idea' that unless you are a god spouse, you aren't good enough/worthy enough/or a real Lokean (lolwut?), etc.
In reality there are many different ways to honor the gods, not just by becoming a spouse/consort, and Elizabeth's post addresses this.

Here's some snippets:
"Many people view Loki as a friend, an uncle, a brother, a father, even a sort of comrade-in arms. I know one Lokean whom He has referred to as “cousin,” and another who is a child of Loki, and who would find a spousal relationship with Him weird and unnatural. I know still others who haven’t troubled to define their relationship with Him. In fact, people can worship Him from a distance and still be Lokeans. People can even be not very religious at all and yet be Loki’s folk (though admittedly, that’s somewhat more difficult to pull off). The point is that they’re as much Loki’s own as anybody else who claims to be His consort or lover. Nobody but Loki, and the individual in question, gets to decide whether or not someone is His. This means you, too."
"I love Loki, and I want Him to be loved by as many people as are willing to love Him. And love comes in a myriad of forms, intensities, and expressions. It’s not my place to judge other people’s relationships with Him, and I am not worthy of determining whose love is more valid, meaningful or heartfelt. Neither are you."
Now seriously, go read her post :D

31 Dec 2011

Bonfire/Dancing Meditation

I've been trying this new technique for when I'm trying to meditate at night, and so far I've gotten positive results.
I imagine people dancing around a bonfire, with a few people playing music on the side. I start off by singing a folk song to the dancers, then I join in with the dancing which usually starts off in pairs spinning around the fire, before breaking off and dance alone - occasionally weaving arms as we go. After a while, I begin to physically feel movements which I see myself doing.

The first time I did this, I believe I heard Loki's real voice (it defiantly didn't feel connected to what I was visualizing in my head). But I can't remember what he said!
I then moved on, drawing the rune Gar in my head, and focused on Yggdrasil. Next thing I know is I'm being hauled upwards very quickly, my body was spinning as it went and I wanted to close my eyes and cover them with my hands.

Anyways, I decided to try again last night, to see if the dancing and singing somehow helps to hear Their voices better.
Here's how it went last night: